This weeks assignment was to create an image using concepts of colour and depth to enhance instruction and learning. I choose to create an image that would help learners in my unit of instruction identify some risk factors when choosing a KIVA loan candidate. The topic deals with making a financial decision, therefore I choose to base the concept of the image around a financial data chart. When working with colour it is clear that choices must be made carefully and can be inspired based on the colour wheel, or from nature, art, or from a template of complimentary colour. Colour can also be chose for a psychological impact. I choose to use a bold font in red to grad the viewers attention and to signify the importance of the decision involved with the process of risk analysis. The red indicator line in the image also is symbolic of importance. I used white space and black icons, which represent three factors in doing risk analysis, to contrast the red. It was interesting to note in the reading this week how colour can influence decision making and selection and also can be used to signify importance. Again Emphasized in this weeks reading was the using space in a positive way to de-clutter and image and emphasize particular elements.


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