Technology in the Classroom: Building Relevance

Link to Technology in the Classroom: Building Relevance

The above research paper represents the culmination of concepts and ideas explored in EdTech 501. The course, and hopefully, the paper explore the reasons why technology is so valuable when carefully integrated into classrooms. The paper provides evidence from several case studies that reflect positive growth in student learning due to technology integration. The paper discusses the difference between learning from computers and learning with computers and suggests ways to implement technological change in the school system.


Professional Learning Network Plans

EdTech 501 has been an enjoyable and enlightening course allowing us to explore educational technology in a collaborative environment. One of the main things I have taken away from this course is just how important is for those of us in the field of edtech to advocate for the use of technology in every classroom. It is our responsibility to model exemplary uses of technology in the classroom in order to engage and deepen understanding for students. It is also our responsibility to illuminate other educators and provide mentor-ship in order to improve learning for all children.
Another revelation for me during this course was even though I thought I had a handle on the world of educational technology, there are so many levels, resources, tools, and theories yet to explore and discover. My Professional Learning Network is, I believe, rich in resources and sources for professional development;however I feel that I can do much more in terms of collaborative networks and social media. My hope is that as I advance through the MET program I will continue to add to my PLN with the ultimate goal of passing on the acquired knowledge and abilities to my students.

Here is the link to my PLN – Plan on Google Bookmarks

Here is my PLN Image: