506 – White space

This weeks image deals with the concept of white space and symmetry. Positioning graphics and text for maximum impact must consider the empty space as well. “Space can direct the eye to important information by chinking and separating instructional elements…”(Lohr, 2011). Space can also work against a designer; if not carefully planned space can trap the viewers eye in an area of negative space that detracts from the direction of the image. This week it has become clear that space can be used to clarify text quickly, can influence a viewers perception of time and contributes to an images sense of symmetry. My image this week outlines the requirements of the e-portfolio students must prepare for their final assessment.

The image provides the essential criteria for the e-portfolio surrounded by a graphic which represents an electronic portfolio. I used careful alignments, colour, contrast and white/grey space to maximize impact.


Lohr, L. L. (2003). Creating graphics for learning and performance: Lessons in visual literacy. Prentice Hall Press

“Folder” image source:http://tinyurl.com/cwqv67e (Retrieved November 8, 2011)