542 – PBL Unit in the Making

This week I was able to decide on one of the three ideas for a unit and sketch out its basis building blocks. The concept behind the project is to kindle the potential hero in ninth grade language Arts students, by exploring the characteristics of true heroism. This project will use a fictional character as the spring board into the investigation of heroism; however, it is the discovery of real everyday heroes and their stories that will emphasize the possibility that we can all be heroes. The unit explores the idea that traditional societal heroes are wrong because they organize their life around heroism. Just as childhood heroes are wrong because they posses supernatural talents. Most heroes are everyday people and the heroic act is what is unusual.

The project will use a combination of class collaboration to develop initial ideas, individual investigation to develop a tribute website to a living hero, and ultimately small grouping of students will produce a biographical documentary on a living hero of their choice.