505 And so it ends…

This is the last entry into the ed tech learning log for 505-evaluation and I have to say it has been challenging, enlightening, and thought provoking. The assignments and instructional material have ranged from collaborative definitions, to the creation of metaphorical images representing different elements of evaluation to analysis of mock evaluations and finally to the final evaluation.

Through group collaboration students examined the details of the projects to determine need and direction of an evaluation. These assignments enabled students to conduct an in-depth analysis of the evaluation process in a simulated “real-life” environment. The collaborative assignments I found to be especially valuable because I often require this sort of assignment in my own classes and being on the student end of things made me realize just how difficult it can be. Different personalities, learning styles and levels of organization within groups can make for an interesting experience. I would compare it to navigating a ship through icy waters…you are constantly making course corrections.

Specific areas of learning included addressing the differences between evaluation and research, a comprehensive look at types of data, its collection and analysis, sampling, and bias. All of the above areas were made clear through the practical application of knowledge in the development and implementation of the final evaluation project.

My final evaluation was an excellent exercise in which I learned a great deal about the process. The results were somewhat predictable, however I did discover some inefficiencies in the program that will be addressed by the program director in the near future.

This was, hands down, the most challenging of the ed tech courses I have taken so far but it was a great way to refocused my professional direction with regards to creating, delivering, and assessing educational units, programs, and products. The instructional material and assignments have re-emphasized the importance of quality evaluation in the development of quality instruction.