542 – Self Reflection and Link to Project

Through the creation of my own project and the study of resources and projects presented in this course, I think I now have a pretty good understanding of the connection between authentic, real life experiences in PBL and learning impact. Providing an engaging, open ended driving question that inspires inquiry and exploration and tying it to the development of an artifact or project that represents the culmination of the ideas explored, while providing reasonable voice and choice for students in the process is what makes PBL so effective. Developing a unit that starts with interdisciplinary standards in mind and addresses those outcomes through real world applications creates meaning and leaves a lasting impact on students.

My expectations for this class were to come away with a deeper understanding of the benefits and strategies for PBL and a comprehensive file of resources to turn to once the course was over. My expectations have been met and exceeded.

I have developed and delivered PBL units to classes of students with a gifted designation, however I look forward to using the information and ideas from this class in regular stream classes. I will be taking ideas on differentiation and assessment gathered from this class and applying them to the development of subsequent units. I would like to also find ways to collaborate on the development of future projects with some of my colleagues at school.

Here is a link to my final project

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