505 – Entry #5

Over the last two weeks we have been working in a couple different areas in the course. A  major part of the time was spent on the development of an evaluation quiz in the form of a Google presentation. This was a great way for students to internalize some of the concepts and vocabulary in the world of evaluation, requiring students to find or create images that metaphorically represented the content of each slide. We have also been working on a mock proposal for an evaluation contract individually, and then collaboratively in groups of three. The development of this proposal requires students to consider all elements of a proposal from the introduction to the methods of evaluation to the inclusion of a time line and budget. Through this process learners apply some of the knowledge acquired over the first few weeks of the course in a mock realistic setting. The process of collaborating with peers on a final draft of the proposal has also been valuable as we take the best concepts of all three and find ways to merge them into one. We chose to set up a wiki to house all three proposals and to provide an online space for feedback and comments before drafting a final proposal on a new page on this wiki.

Finally, a major portion of these past two weeks has been the reading assignments on the topic of Problem Analysis. Identifying and analyzing problems is clearly a key element of the job of an evaluator. It is imperative that the evaluator gathers as much information as possible regarding the problem and also be aware of potential problems that may arise during the delivery of a program including the evaluation. It seems to me that a good evaluator needs to be a part time psychologist or at least have the ability to understand the motives and actions of people.

Image Source:http://tinyurl.com/699deh3

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