Edtech 505 Post #2

Over the course of this past week in Edtech 505 much of the content has centered around data. We have looked at methods for collecting and analyzing data and how this all fits in to the planning of an evaluation. I have never had much success with numbers, however the explanation in the text has helped to demystify the process of analyzing data. It is interesting to consider how the same results can yield different interpretations based on the technique used to analyze the data. An evaluator can choose a method to look at the numbers based on the intention of the question. It has become obvious to me over the past week that one must consider the techniques used to gather information very carefully based on the particular evaluation model one chooses to use. It has also become clear that the various evaluation models are, in many ways, techniques used by teachers all the time. It is helpful, however to identify the characteristics of each mode in order to accurately use the benefits of each in the development of an evaluation. This week also helped to solidify for me the differences between research and evaluation.

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