Technology Use Planning Overview

Redefining Education Through the Use of Technology:
Theory and Implementation Plan Presentation.

For a complete overview of the NET 2010 plan and a breakdown of the phases of tech implementation for schools please see the above presentation I created at

An effective technology use plan should start with a vision for the future based on concrete research and the needs of the community. A plan should be developed by a committee of members from every aspect of the school community. Once measurable objectives have been established, the plan must then address the technological needs to meet those goals. The implementation plan needs to address ongoing professional development for staff and should provide continuous support for teachers. The plan should include strategies for ongoing assessment and, to that end, be flexible in its implementation.
The new NET plan can be used as an excellent source for tech planning in schools because it provides a destination for all tech planning to work towards. It provides a basis for comparison, allowing educators to compare the plan with their existing use of technology in their schools.
With the rapid evolution of technology any implementation plan must revisit hardware/software utilization decisions on a yearly basis; however sweeping changes in use of technology to facilitate 21st century skills such as critical thinking. problem solving, collaboration, and multimedia communication should be part of a longer term plan. Reconstruction of the current failing educational system to leverage the full potential of technology to personalize learning can not be done in a year.
What do we want our students and staff to be able to do with technology?” Answering this question, along with considering how technology can enhance learning, will provide the foundation for a relevant technology implementation plan.
Unfortunately, any technology committee I have been involved with has been tasked with deciding which lab gets an upgrade. There has been no discussion other than where we are going to spend the budget on this year.
Contrary to the opinion of Dr. See, I believe any significant technology plan must be a district or even a provincial initiative. In order for an entire overhaul in the system to take place it must be supported by political will.


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DRAFT National Educational Technology Plan 2010 Executive Summary. March 5, 2010.Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology. Retrieved from…ummary.pdf)

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