RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a simple and efficient way for people to access and keep the information that is important to them. Through subscribing to an RSS feed, one will receive continuous updates from their chosen sources, as new information is published, until such time as the subscriber wishes to unsubscribe. The implications for the application of RSS feeds for teachers and students is enormous.

One major benefit to students and teachers is that users can control the flow of information they receive and can direct their output to come from specific areas of interest. RSS feeds also allow teachers and students to make one selection regarding the source of the feed and not have to worry about missing any additional material from that source, as information is automatically downloaded as it is published. Not only can blogs, articles, and forums be found as RSS feeds, but simple information can be communicated. Schools can publishing events and schedule updates via an RSS feed.

I personally use an RSS feed on my class blog to which students are required to subscribe. They are sent the post when it comes out and are asked to comment, generating discussion and debate. I also subscribe to many blog and information feeds on technology, photography, and news updates. These feeds allow me to keep up to date on a variety of topics; I consider my RSS feeds a daily form of professional development.

Here is the link to my Google Reader Shared Items Page.

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