An Intoduction

My career in education began in the arts, teaching music and drama, and even in 1989 I was eager to incorporate the available technology into my instruction. In drama, students and I would plan, produce, and edit video narratives using two VCR’s. I was also using a Mac Plus with no internal hard drive to teach Computer Assisted Music Composition. I utilized music-sequencing software to create rehearsal accompaniment for musical theater productions.

As technology evolved, so did my career and educational strategies. I enrolled in workshops and professional development sessions to take advantage of the breakthrough in digital video editing software. Eventually my assignment expanded to include teaching a course in Media Arts, which included video production, graphic arts, basic web design, and animation. Most recently, my assignment grew to include Digital and Film Photography. All of these subject areas clearly rely heavily on the use of technology to deliver instruction and produce media and image-based projects. When English became a part of my course load it was natural for me to utilize the technology available in my Mac Lab. The MET program at Boise State was recommended to me by a colleague and after inspection of the courses and their content it seemed to be the right choice for me in that the courses are “real world” applicable and interactive, not just theoretical.

It is my career goal to advance to a Vice-Principal position and eventually upper level administration in the Greater Victoria School District in order to have some influence in the technological direction of the district. I want to be part of restructuring the way we envision and deliver education. It is also my desire to teach prospective teachers at the post secondary level and use my experience in the classroom to enlighten students on the power of the Internet and computer technology to enhance the education of all students.

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